We personally review all items for authenticity prior to listing them on our website and stand behind our guarantee that the items you’ve invested in are authentic.

If you have purchased an item from us that you believe to be inauthentic, please contact us here. You can expect to receive a return label to send back your item, and a full refund for your purchase.

How do you authenticate fine jewelry?

Fine gold jewelry is inspected for hallmarks and acid tested to verify metal purity. When possible, we can identify the manufacturer using the maker’s mark.

Gemstones and diamonds are tested using a Presidium gem tester. Stones that are not registered on the gem tester are verified by their particular defining characteristics. There are different tests for different stones.

We also pay attention to the construction of certain types of jewelry. For example, strands of genuine pearls are always knotted between each pearl. 

How do you authenticate designer items?

Typography is a common indicator of authenticity. Typography on the items, such as logos, can be easily compared to the manufacturing standard for that brand. All brands, and product lines of those brands, have their own methods of authentication.

For example, Louis Vuitton purses have exact symmetrical stitching on symmetrical parts of the bag. If one side panel has 56 stitches, so should the other. Louis Vuitton also uses an exact shade of yellow thread, so any other shade is inauthentic. Stitches should not overlap and should not have loose ends. 

Other indicators include stitching, overall production quality, and serial numbers or production codes that help to verify authenticity.